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Why do onions make us cry?

As we know while cooking an onion a very strong aroma is produced that most people enjoy. But cutting up an onion stings your eyes and makes them water uncontrollably. If you love to include onions in your dishes, this probably frustrates you all the time. So just what is it in onions that make them such an ordeal to prepare?

When you slice through an onion, you break open a number of onion cells. Some of these cells have enzymes inside them and when they are sliced open, the enzymes escape. The enzymes then decompose some of the other substances that have escaped from sliced cells. Some of these substances quickly rearrange themselves into a volatile gas. The gas reaches your eyes and reacts with the water that keeps them moist. This change produces a mild sulfuric acid, which irritates the eyes. The nerve endings in your eyes are very sensitive and so they pick up on this irritation which is why our eyes sting when we slice onions. The brain reacts by telling your tear…

How does coffee remain frothy?

A cup of hot coffee with a thick layer of froth on it is delightful when you serve it sprinkled with a little chocolate powder. A pretty sight too. But what makes the froth and keeps it?

When you beat coffee powder with granulated sugar with a few drops of water, there are two things that happen…the sugar granules mingle with the coffee grains as they melt allowing for the flavours to develop fully. So by the time the hot milk is ready to be poured into this mixture, the full flavour is ready! Secondly, while beating the coffee powder with the sugar a lot of air is incorporated. This air forms the bubbly froth on the top of the cup. For best results, use full cream milk. The froth is thicker, creamier and lasts till you finish drinking it all up!

Unfortunately, frothy coffee is not possible for those who favour skimmed milk! There is no fat to sustain the air bubbles inspite of beating the coffee with sugar. But, yes, the coffee flavour will be much stronger.

teri yaad

this poem i wrote while i was in 2nd year of my college, and its a imaginary story, which i tried to pile in some words

jalwo main hum uske khoye rehte hai
tere aks ko har jagah mehsus karte hai

wo tera kohni markar hasna
wo tera nange paaon ladkhadakar chalna
wo tera bina wajah 'aur kya' kehna
wo tera sharma kar mere sine se lag jana

rahat ke do pal to na mujhe mile
teri judai ke teen din kaise nikle

wo lambi skirt pehan kar, use utha kar chalna
wo chhoti t-shirt ko baar-baar niche karna
wo kisi ke samne hone se man hi man hansna
wo najre milne par najre churana

bechani ko jo tum itna badaogi
humse bachkar kahi nahi ja paogi

wo tuition chhod kar mujhse milna
wo wo band dukaan main tik kar khade hona
wo ghanto tak ek roll kha kar restaurant main baithna
wo tissue paper par kahani likhna

ret ko haath main lekar kisne baandh paya hai
tere mere kisso ko ye waqt kaha tham paya hai

wo stand par daudte hue ana
wo tracker main rajasthan safari karna
wo tere sparsh ko mehsus karna

restaurant service procedure


In order to have efficient and correct service it is essential that all sidework should be available during services times periods.  To ensure that this happens on a consistent basis the outlet manager will prepare and delegate sidework assignments as part of their pre and post service briefings. 

Sidework assignments are pre determined items and based on the duty roster as well as shift procedure. The outlet manager will delegate specific tasks to the staff for completion.  While delegating the tasks the manager should also take into account any one-time sidework duties etc. that might have been requested by the preceding shift manager.  He will then follow up to ensure that all tasks have been completed.

In addition to the staff the manager should also prepare an opening and closing checklist of assignments and duties for himself.  


•    Pick up linen requisition.
•    Pick up and store all dry and beverage requisitions.
•    Tur…