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Bar is a licensed place selling all kinds of alcoholic beverages to the customers. Bars are found in hotels, resorts, clubs, casinos, and many such establishments and they can also be operated as independent units. Bar is one of the key revenue generating areas of the food and beverage (F&B) department of the hotel industry. The main function of the bar is to serve the alcoholic drinks in the appropriate glassware according to the customers preferences. Most customers like their drinks with ice, some without ice, some like to add mixers such as tonic water, soda, lemonade, ginger ale, flavoured effervescence drinks, etc., and some prefer their drink with nothing added, or 'neat' Complimentary snacks, finalized by the management, are served along with the drinks. Some like to settle down for cocktails and some only for juices and mocktails. To carry out its operations efficiently, the bar must have adequate supply of all kinds of alcoholic drinks, ice, water, mixes, kitchen stock, appropriate glassware, straws, drip mats, etc, within the reach of the bartenders. Bars act as both service and the storage area for all these items mentioned. The other important requirements for bar operations are water supply, electric supply, lighting, and drainage.
A bar needs a continuous hot and cold water supply for many applications. Water is required for making ice, washing, and to mix with drinks. The drainage system should ensure that the water drains quickly without any stagnation.

Types of bar

It is a word derived from public house which is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Pubs mainly serve all kinds of beers along with other alcoholic drinks. Most pubs were once owned by the breweries to market their products, but today they are operated by other business promoters.
Lounge Bar
Lounge it an area meant for relaxing which is normally located near the reception area. Some establishments have lounge bar which serves all kinds of alcoholic beverages to the guests at the lounge. The drinks may be collected from the main bar and carried on a tray to the lounge and served. If the volume of business is more and there is adequate area in the lounge, a separate bar may be set up to address the needs of the guests, Lounge bar is often seen in airports, clubs, casinos, luxury hotels, ships, etc.
Wine bar
This bar sells only wines of all kinds, mainly the most expensive wines. It has a good collection of wide range of wines. The guests are given free samples of wine foor tasting before making purchase decisions. The guest may buy bottles of wine for consuming later or drink in the wine bar itself. This kind of bar is a comparatively new concept and becoming very popular amongst wine connoisseurs and affluent people.
Cocktail Bar
This serves all kinds of cocktails along with other alcoholic drinks. It may be found the airport, casinos, hotels, ships, etc.
Banquet Bar
This is a temporary bar set-up in the banquet suites to serve alcoholic drinks during a specific function. The type and quantity of drinks to be served are generally predetermined at the time booking the function. The drinks may be either bought by those who wish to drink or paid by host for all the drinks consumed by his/her guests during the function. The banquet bar collects the required stock either from the main bar or from the cellar. Sometimes, the guests would bring their own bottles of liquor in which case corkage charges will be levied.
Dispense Bar
It is the bar attached to a restaurant, serving alcoholic drinks to the guests in the restaurant during their meal time. The stock may be either collected from the main bar or from the cellar. The dispense bar has a minimum stock of drinks that may be suitable for aperitif, to accompany the dishes offered, and as digestives.

Shapes of bar

Bar may be in different sizes and shapes. Size of the bar depends on the volume of the business! variety of drinks on offer, and the area available. Shape of the bar depends on the area available! shape of the area, convenience of operations, and the theme of the decor. It may be straight! L-shape, U-shape, wave shape, round, square, etc. Whatever may be the shape; all bars will have three sections—front, back, and under bars. The location of the back bar is usually behind the front bar, fitted against the wall. In a freestanding square, round, rectangle, and any irregular shapes, the back bar will be the focal point located in the centre and the service stations or front bar around the back bar. In this type of layout, the under bar will be exposed to customers. Plumbing work needs extra attention in this kind of layout.

A bar should have adequate supply of cold and hot water. Sinks, ice machine, dishwashers, and soda guns need a water supply. Without water supply, one cannot imagine running a bar. Proper drainage facility is also essential for sink, dishwasher, refrigerators, ice bins/sinks, ice machines, etc. Imagine the situation if the drainage system is not provided in the bar. It will be messy and unhygienic place where no one will want to have his/her drink.
Separate area may be set aside near the bar for washing glasses out of sight of the guests depending on the availability of space. It is advisable to have swiveling type of taps so that they can be pushed aside when not in use. The ice sinks should have drain plugs so as to drain the melting ice.
During the operations-, however talented the bartender may be. There will be certain amount of spillage, left over from used glasses, ice cubes, etc. on the floor. It should be easily cleaned As the bartenders stand for long hours, the flooring material should be comfortable and safe. Material chosen for the bar floor should be non-slippery and easily mopped dry The tiles or concrete covered with rubber or plastic mats will minimize the slippage and will be comfortable for the feet However, it must be cleaned frequently to keep the bar hygienic.
Lighting highlights the mood and atmosphere of the bar. A well-designed bar will not get the recognition it deserves if the lighting is poor and it does not blend with the theme of the decor. The lighting must be functional. The bartenders' efficiency is influenced by the quality of lighting under which they work. Bright lighting is necessary over the under bar and back bar. This not only improves the performance of the bar staff but also attracts the attention of the guests. Indirect or diffused lighting may be used over the guests' area. In my opinion, bright lighting is better for guests' area as they will be able to appreciate the colour of content in the glass, behave decently, and will be able to watch their steps under the influence of alcohol. Lighting can be rejuvenating or enervating.


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