french for restaurant

Sommelier- wine waiter

Artichaut- artichoke

Assiette- plate

Assiette a potage- soup plate

Aubergine- eggplant

Abats- organs like kidney, heart

Aboyer- the person who announces kitchen order

Aliment- food

Anchois- anchovy

Bain marie- hot water well or bath for keeping food at constant temperature.

Beurre- butter

Blancher- to blanch

Ble- wheat

Bouillon- stock

Bouteille- bottle

Carte des vins- wine list

Caviar- roe (egg) of sturgeon fish

Cendrier- ashtray

Champignon- mushroom

Citron- lemon

Corbeille a pain- bread basket

Couteau- knife

Courvert- a cover

Crabe- a shell fish ‘Crab’

Crème- cream

Cuillere- spoon

Croutons- cubes of fried bread

Cuisine- kitchen

Dejeuner- lunch

Diner- dinner

Eau- water

Echalote- shallots

Entrecote- sirloin (beef)

Escargot- snails

Farine- flour

Foie- liver

Fourchette- fork

Fromage- cheese

Hier- yesterday

Huitre- oyster

Jour- day

Jus- juice

Lait- milk

Legumes- vegetables

Louche- ladle

Maitre d hotel- head waiter

Mouton- mutton

Nappe- table cloth

Nom- name

Oeuf- egg

Oeuf brouilles- scrambled egg

Oignon- onion

Pain- bread

Pince a sucre- sugar tongs

Plateau- tray

Pomme de terre- potato

Pomme- apple

Pot a eau- water jug

Porte cure-dents- tooth pick holder

Bot biere- beer mug

Poulet- chicken

Radis- radish

Sale a manager- dining room

Sauciere- sauce boat

Sel- salt

Soucoupe- saucer

Sucre- sugar

Tapis- cloth

Tasse- cup

Demi-tasse- coffee cup

The- tea

Tomate- tomato

Vase a fleur-flower vase

Veau- veal

Verre- glass

Allumette- matchstick

Trancheur- carver

Pamplemousse- grapefruit

Chou fleur - cauliflower

Dinde- turkey

Tomato juice- jus de tomate

Crème au champignons- cream of mushroom

Roast turkey- oie roti

Fresh fruit basket- lepanier des fruits fraiche

cocktail au florida- cocktail florida

boeuf, curi et ris- beef, curry, and rice

lapin- rabbit

cerf- deer

hote- host


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