Course Code: TS-1                                                            Programme: BHM                                                            
Total Marks: 100                                       Assignment Code: TS-1/TMA/2012-13

Note: This TMA consists of two parts.
Part I consists of two questions out of which you have to attempt any one. The question carries 25 marks and should be answered in about 700 words.
Part II consists of 8 questions. Attempt any five in about 500 words. Each question carries 15 marks. Send your TMA to the Coordinator of your Study Centre.

1. What are the threats and obstacles to tourism in India?                                              25
2. What is the link between image and attraction in relation to a tourist destination? Give examples.                                              

1. What is the relevance of a map for a tourist professional? Prepare a detailed itinerary of any popular tourist circuit.                                                                                                              15
2. What is a Tourism product? Describe the features of a Tourism product.                      15
3. What is Media? Discuss various types of Media with examples.                              15
4. What do you understand by writing for tourism? Mention the difference between earlier travel writing and writing in today’s context.                                                                              15
5. What is promotion? How do brochures help in tourism promotion?                              15
6. Define Infrastructure. Mention the relationship between infrastructure and tourism.      15
7. How are natural resources affected by mass tourism? Explain with examples.              15
8. Differentiate between Guide & Escort. Explain the role of Guide in Tourism Development.                                            


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