Module 1 VI semester

Syllabus for first module

A. Categories of staff
B. Hierarchy
C. Job description and specification
D. Duty roaster
A. Supervisory skills
B. Developing efficiency
C. Standard Operating Procedure

Questions to module 1

Q.1 Explain these terms
•    Standard operating procedure
•    Duty roster
•    Job description
•    Greeting guest with smile
•    Developing efficiency
Q.2 Draw an organizational chart of a banquet department of a five star hotel. Enlist the duties and responsibilities of Banquet manager.
Q.3 Prepare a duty roster of a banquet department of a five star hotel for the month of December. Indicate assumptions regarding the number, areas, halls etc available to the department.
Q.4 Draw the organizational chart of a 50 seater Bar. Enlist the responsibilities of the Head barman.
Q.5 As a Restaurant manager, prepare a weekly duty roaster for a 100 pax. Indian speciality restaurant which opens for lunch and dinner?
Q.6 List the responsibilities of kitchen stewarding department towards F&B department in a five star hotel.
Q.7 Prepare a duty roster for a 80 seater multi-cuisine restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner stating daily task to be performed.
Q.8 Draw the organization chart stating staff requirement for all categories of a 80 seater multi-cuisine restaurant serving all the three meals.
Q.9 How you would deal with the following situations
•    Guest who has no means of paying the bill.
•    Guest in a hurry.
•    Guest who has had too many alcoholic drinks.
Q.10 Prepare a Job Description for a Bartender of a 5 star hotel.
Q.11 Draw the organization chart of the F&B Service department of a large hotel. List the job description of a F&B Manager.
Q.12 What are the skills of a good F&B Supervisor? What are the essential traits of a good F&B Captain?
Q.13 Prepare the duty roster of a banquet department having 14 Stewards, 03 Captains and 01 Sr.captain listing broadly the duties allotted to the stewards.
Q.14 Draw the organization chart of F&B department of a 5 star deluxe hotel with 350 rooms having 3 speciality restaurants and 3 bars. Also give job description of a steward.
Q.15 What do you mean by the Organisational chart? Explain why an organization cannot function without an organizational chart.
Q.16 ‘A captain must be a skilled worker himself, only then he can be a successful supervisor” Justify.
Q.17 What are the essential qualities a good Restaurant Manager should have?
Q.18 What is the role of SOP in a quality restaurant? Prepare SOP for a fine dining restaurant.


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