Module 3 VI semester


A. Definition and History
B. Classification
C. Recipe, Preparation and Service of Popular Cocktails
•    Martini – Dry & Sweet
•    Manhattan – Dry & Sweet
•    Dubonnet
•    Roy-Roy
•    Bronx
•    White Lady
•    Pink Lady
•    Side Car
•    Bacardi
•    Alexandra
•    John Collins
•    Tom Collins
•    Gin FIZZ
•    Pimm’s Cup – no. 1,2,3,4,5
•    Flips
•    Noggs
•    Champagne Cocktail
•    Between the Sheets
•    Daiquiri
•    Bloody Mary
•    Screw Driver
•    Tequilla Sunrise
•    Gin-Sling
•    Planters Punch
•    Singapore Sling
•    Pinacolada
•    Rusty Nail
•    B&B
•    Black Russian
•    Margarita
•    Gimlet – Dry & Sweet
•    Cuba Libre
•    Whisky Sour
•    Blue Lagoon
•    Harvey Wall Banger
•    Bombay cocktail

Questions to module 3

Q.1 With the flowing ingredients, prepare a list of 10 cocktails but not more than three cocktails from each base provided indication the preparations
Vodka    Blue curacao, orange juice, tomato juice, egg, cream, coconut
Brandy    Cream, cola, pomegranate syrup, dry vermouth, salt, pepper
Gin    Crème de cacao, cointreau, tobacco, w. sauce, olives, soda ice
White rum    Desiccated coconut, lemon, sugar, Galliano, orange

Q.2 Give the recipe for the following cocktails and mixed drinks
•    Martini
•    Manhattan
•    Tom Collins
•    Pimms no.1
•    Bacardi
•    Bloody mary
Q.3 To make an attractive and pleasing cocktail a bartender has to maintain a certain standard operating procedure. List the points to note for making such a cocktail.
Q.4 What are the various methods of making cocktails?
Q.5 What are cocktails? Explain the different types of cocktails with two classical example of each.
Q.6 Prepare a bar card for a cocktail bar located in a five star hotel.
Q.7 In a tabular form, explain the following on the basis of their base, additives, glass and garnish.
a)    Bloody marry
b)    Pimms no1
c)    Pinacolada
d)    Rusty nail
e)    Screwdriver
f)    Rob roy
g)    Margarita
h)    B&B
Q.8 What are the important points to be considered while making cocktails in a Bar? Write four whisky based cocktails.
Q.9 Classify cocktails according to the method used in making them and give two example of each type.
Q.10 differentiate between
a)    Martini dry and Martini sweet
b)    White lady and Pink lady
c)    Tom Collins and John Collins
d)    Singapore sling and gin sling
e)    White Russian and black Russian


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