types of buffet

Types of buffet

Sit down buffet
Fork buffet
Finger buffet
Cold buffet (buffet froid)
Display buffet
Sit down buffet
Space requirement is more.
Dishes are displayed and guest help themselves or assisted service is there.
Common for both informal and formal function.
Popular for wedding reception.
Standing buffet
Where space is minimum this type of buffet is ideal.
People stand and consume their meal
               Popular in case of dealers meet etc.
Fork buffet
Simply where flat ware is used .
When people stand and eat , it is not convenient to use knife , hence fork is convenient to use.
Finger buffet
No cutlery is required
Ideal for Indian food and finger buffet is popular for wedding reception
Popular in smaller establishment and outdoor catering.
Cold buffet
Display of cold cuts  and cold hors’ d oeuvre are served .
Popular in the western world.
What is smorgsbord
It is a Swedish word which refers to the type of Scandinavian buffet style in Swedish cuisine.
In Norway it is called kold bord and Denmark Kolde bord.
It’s typically a holiday or feast at which a family can help themselves from a lavish buffet in front of the lake.
Display buffet
Display of ice carving , tallow sculpture, butter sculpture (center piece)
Salad display .
Live counter
Tawa counter
Japanese teypanyaki (live counter)
Chinese/Thai live counter.
Carving and flambé items.

Single entry buffet- less no. of pax
Double entry buffet- more no. of pax
Canapés/huts/islands- multiple cuisine
Equipments used
Chaffing dish( 23-30 cm )
Bain Marie
Flammable liquid gel.
Spirit lamp
Cutlery , crockery and glass ware.
Beverage Dispensers
Cruet set
Table linen
Tent cards
Fast service.
Variety of dishes can be served.
High profit and low food cost.
Less skilled manpower.
Better planned menu.
Optimum utilization of space
Economically priced

Dis –advantages
Impersonalized service.
Wastage resulting in shortage of food
Portion control may not be improvised.
Standardization of dishes is not possible.
Elaborately garnished dishes can’t be served.
Initial cost is high
Breakage is more
Quality of food is lower
Hygiene is of low standard
Visual delight is not maintained through out


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  2. Great information. But i was wondering, how much space there should be between buffet and tables?

    1. as per the general rule there should be minimum 6 feet space if the buffet is for 60 pax, and 9 feet if it is more than that

  3. Great information. But i was wondering, how much space there should be between buffet and tables?

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