Different methods of serving potatoes

}Allumettes- match size deep fried
}Anna- sliced, pressed and baked in a mould.
}Au four- jacket based cut with cross incision before service.
}Boulan gere- sliced potatoes, with sliced onions, stock moistened and baked.
}Chateau- turned to olive size, blanched then roasted in butter.
}Ducheese- puree with egg yolk, then piped through piping bag and bake.
}En puree- mashed
}En robe de chabre- boiled or steamed in jacket
}En robe de champs- alternative for above
}Fondates-large egg shaped, cooked in butter and stock and upper surface thus glazed.
}Frites- deep fried or French fries.
}Gaurfret- lettuce cut potatoes deep fried.
}Lyonnaise- sliced potatoes sauted with onion.
}Nature- plain boiled
}Persilles- steamed or boiled potatoes tossed in butter with chopped parsley
}Pontneuf- thick cut, deep fried.
}Souflees- rectangular slices deep fried twice in order to ‘ballon’ them.
}Vapeur- turned to chateau size and steames


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