types of meals

Breakfast: Many customers at the breakfast hour are in a hurry. Many people you will discover are not in the best of spirits before they have had their first cup of coffee (or maybe not ever). A positive and
cheerful attitude displayed from the server in combination with prompt and efficient service might help to normalise the situation. Below is a guide that might be acceptable in most situations.
 1. When a fresh fruit or fruit juice is ordered, it is desirable to serve it first and then to remove the soiled dishes before placing the toast and coffee.
2. When customers order a combination of cooked food, toast, and coffee, they may ask to have the whole order served at once. Place the fruit dish, set on an underline, in the center of the cover, the plate of toast at the left of the forks, and the coffee at the right of the teaspoons.
3. When the breakfast order includes a cereal and a hot dish, the service procedure may be as follows:
a. Place the fruit course in the center of the cover.
b. Remove the fruit course.
c. Place the breakfast plate of eggs, meat, or other hot food in the center of the cover. Place the plate of toast at the left of the forks. Place the coffee service at the right of the spoons.
d. Remove the breakfast plate and the bread plate.
e. Place the finger bowl, filled one-third full of warm water. At times the finger bowl is placed after the fruit course, when fruits which may soil the fingers have been served.
The following are some of the basic types of breakfast:
1. Continental breakfast
2. English breakfast
3. American breakfast
4. Indian breakfast

Continental Breakfast or Café Complet: Continental breakfast is an institutional meal plan based on
lighter Mediterranean breakfast traditions. It is a light meal meant to satisfy breakfaster until lunch. A typical Continental breakfast consists of the following:
Mango juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice, orange juice or grapefruit juice
Toast(white bread/brown bread), rolls, croissant, brioche, muffins, doughnuts, Danish pastry served with preserves, jam, honey, marmalade and butter
Hot beverages such as tea or coffee.
 If tea is served as a beverage with the above breakfast then it is known as ‘The Complet’. If coffee is served with the above breakfast then is it is known as ‘Café Complet’.

English Breakfast or Full Breakfast: Somerset Maugham once said, "The only way to eat well in
England is to have breakfast three times a day".An English breakfast is an elaborate breakfast quite substantial in size and variety. The tradional English breakfast comprises of ten courses.

American Breakfast: Traditional breakfasts in the United States a n d Canada derive from the full English breakfast and feature predominantly sweet or mild-flavored foods, mostly hot. Restaurants that serve breakfast typically base their menus around egg dishes and meats such as sausage and bacon. Pancakes and waffles are also popular. An assemblage commonly known as a country breakfast in restaurants consists of eggs or omelette, sausage or bacon, hash browns, gravy, coffee, biscuits or toast with jam or jelly, and fruit juice.

Indian Breakfast: An Indian breakfast varies from region to region and is mostly vegetarian. In East India (Orissa, Bengal) the most popular breakfast are Idly, Bara, Puri and Upma. These are served with Ghuguni (Peas curry) or potato curry and also sweets like Rasogula, chenapoda etc. In South India, the most popular breakfast is an assortment with several possible main dishes, such as idlis, vadas, dosas and chapatis.
These are most often served with hot sambar and one or two kinds of chutney items in Tamil Nadu. The usual North Indian breakfast consists of stuffed paratha breads or unstuffed parathas (they resemble oily milee crepes) with fresh butter, cooked spicy vegetables especially aloo sabzi. Popular accompaniments include sweets like jalebi, halwa, and sweetened milk. In Maharashtra, Poha, Upma or Shira (similar to Kesaribath) is frequently eaten for breakfast. In urban areas, omlettes and simple butter sandwiches are becoming a popular breakfast food.