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lolly pop mocktail

this mocktail we served on valentine party and it was huge hit
bubble gum syrup
cranberry juice
strawberry crush(not authentic but we added to give theme colour)
dash of lemon juice
top up with soda

tobacco-seed to soul movie

seed to soul movie part-3

tobacco-seed to soul movie

seed to soul movie part-2

tobacco-seed to soul movie

seed to soul movie part-1

food production control

Food production control A foodservice operation must be viewed as a complex array of interrelated systems, each of which has special goals. The purchasing system, for example, is designed to ensure the availability of an adequate supply of the ingredients required for food production, each of a carefully selected quality and acquired at an optimum price. The best means for ensuring that the purchasing system will achieve its aims—that purchasing events will conform to plans—was shown to be instituting a control process. This is true not only for the purchasing system, but also for the systems designed for receiving, storing, and issuing foods. As we will see, it is equally true for the production system.
A. Establishing standards and standard procedures 1. Ingredients 2. Proportions of ingredients 3. Production method 4. Quantity
To reach this goal, it is necessary to develop the following standards and standard procedures for each menu item: 1. Standard portion size 2. Standard recipe 3. Standa…