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costliest beers of their times

Tutankhamum Ale:

 This limited edition beer has a very interesting past. It was brewed in the basement of the laboratory of Cambridge from a recipe that was discovered at Queen Nefertiti’s temple in Egypt. The beer was named after the stepson of the Queen, King Tut. The beer may be purchased for $52 per bottle.

Samuel Adams Utopias

This is another vintage beer that you can think of. The beer holds the Guinness World Record for being the strongest beer at 50. The beer is brewed with hops and grain that makes the taste as bitter but the strength remains for longer periods of time. The beer is sold in a specially made copper plated kettle. The sweet flavor in the beer can be attributed to the vanilla, oak or caramel that is added during the production. This beer is non-carbonated and should be served at room temperature. There are only 8000 bottles that are available and you can own one for $100.

Carlsberg Vintage 3:

 Third in the trilogy series, this beer is still considered as the most …