bar opening and closing policies


1. All outlets must have a set of opening and closing procedures.
2. The outlet supervisor assigns one person that is in charge of the opening and closing of the outlet.
3. This policy must be updated when changes in operation are implemented.

The following opening and closing procedures will insure that all necessary tasks will be executed in time.

BAR Opening


1. Catering Executive draws the keys in uniform of the bar,.
2. The catering executive assigns opening duties.
3. Area of work is divided accordingly.
4. The tables and chairs are aligned and checked for wobbling.
5. Bar need to be cleaned thoroughly.
6. Check all the electrical equipments in any fault called engineering.
7. The garnishes are cut and lemon juice is extracted.
8. Menus are wiped.
9. The telephone and micros screen is cleaned with a disinfectant (Dettol)
10. Store to be picked up stacked
11. Back area is set up for operation.
12. All the glassware to be stacked properly &get ready for the operations.
13. Bar to be ready for operation by11.00HRS.


1. Check for cleanliness in the BAR and the back area.
2. Check for any stains on the upholstery of chairs and sofas, which require immediate attention.
3. Check if the door handles, reserve signages and bar footrest are brassed.
4. Check for bad odour in the BAR. Use an air freshener.
5. Check if the dirty linen is exchanged from the Linen Room.


1. Check for fused bulbs and any electrical complaints, report the same and take the complaint number for the same.
2. Check the bar refrigerator for proper cooling.
3. Check the music system.
4. Check the Micros system and change the meal period.
5. Any carpentry, painting, POP, masonry and plumbing job to be reported to the maintenance.


1. Check with the Chef for not available items on the Menu.
2. Check for any specials of the day.
3. Check with the chef for items, which needs to be pushed.

BAR Closing

After the guest leaves the Bar, there are certain jobs, which need to be performed every night.
1. Collecting the Menus from the stations.
2. Keep them back in the drawer.
3. Log book to be given to the F&B OFFICE.
4. Lighting reduced to the minimum required.
5. Tables are laid, remove the glasses from the table put them back in BAR.
6. Side stations are cleared of all the soiled dishes and leftover food..
7. Side stations are stacked and cleaned from the top as well from inside.
8. Soiled linen are counted and recorded in the linen book.
9. All salvers and trays are given for washing.
10. Inventories of glassware, are taken.
11. Bar should be cleaned after taking the inventories.
12.Soda, soft drinks and mineral water bottles are stacked in the refrigerator after wiping the bottles.
13. Keys should be deposited in uniform.
14. Sale is made by the cashier and cash deposited with the Front Office cashier.
15. Any bills on hold are to be intimated to the Night Auditor.
16. The Catering Executive fills Sale Log book.
17. Finally, the BAR is checked to ensure that no equipment is left unattended.
18. The BAR is locked after switching off the lights and the keys are deposited at the Time Office in UNIFORM.


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