cashiering and dry day procedure at bar


System used - Micros for billing
        - P.O.S. for credit card transactions
a) Recording the order 
The orders from the guests are directly written down on the order taking pads with the date, time, number of pax and the servers initials.
b) Feeding the order in the micros 
The orders are punched in the micros workstation immediately after the order is taken.  Mentioning the special instructions, the cooking point, the break between the courses etc. All the orders are saved in the micros, the bill will be printed only when the guest requests for the bill. (refer to page no.---- for the procedure of operating the micros)
c) Order printing
The order automatically prints in the respective area, the kitchen or the bar.
d) Firing the pick up / hold
Food pick up / hold is fired from the workstation, anticipating guest need or as per the guest request.
e) Reference
The hand written order slip is kept in the appropriate slot of the table on the side station for reference.
f) Changes and addition to the order
Necessary changes and additions can be made to the order in case of mistakes, guest changes the order or orders additional dishes / drinks. In case any item is required to be voided, manager’s approval is required (manager’s I.D. is required).
g) Printing the bill
The bill will be printed only when the guest requests,
on the blank stationary having three copies – for guest, accounts and F&B controls.
h) Settlement
- Room settlement-The bills to be settled in the room account have to have the guest’s room number, the name and the signature of the guest. The tips, if written by the guest, should be added to the total amount of the bill.
- Cash settlement-The bills paid, as cash need to be settled as cash settlement.
- Credit card settlement- for the credit card settlements, a printout of the credit card slip has to be taken from the P.O.S. machine for the total amount on the bill.
- Guest signatures have to taken on the merchant copy and the bill.
The signature on the credit card slip must be verified with the credit card, if tip has been offered on the slip that is to be added to the amount on the bill and settled in the micros.
i) Final report
A final report of the total settlement and the sale must be printed at the end of the meal period and the cash will be tallied. A check has to done to ensure no bill is pending / open in the system. All the bills to be arranged on serial order and it are to be ensured no bill is missing.
j) Depositing the cash
The cash, report and the third copy of all the bills will be deposited at the front desk after each shift.


The government of Delhi prohibits the sale of alcohol on the following days of the year:
1. 26th January (Republic Day)
2. 15th August (Independence Day)
3. 02nd October (Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday)
4. Elections (The polling days and the vote counting days)
The following procedure is to be followed on these days:
1. Timings From midnight to midnight (L-5, L-20).
2. Exception Room service, alcoholic drinks are served all  365 days, 24 hours (L-3)
The Excise department can also declare dry days, by issuing a notification due to various reasons like elections etc. The notification defines the type of licenses to which it applies.


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