non alcoholic beverages


Derived from the word “Bever” which means a light repast between meals or from the French word “Boire” which means something to drink.
Alcoholic beverage is a portable liquid which contains 0.5% to 75.5% of ethyl alcohol by volume.
Non- alcoholic beverage is a potable liquid which has either no ethyl alcohol in it or the alcohol percentage is less than 0.5% by volume.


•    Hot Drinks- tea and coffee are the two most popular drinks in India. Teas being the national drink and coffee the second most popular drink in India, more so in South India.
•    Cold Drinks- Lassi is the most popular drink in India. It can be served sweet or salted with lots of ice and is very refreshing during summer. Iced tea and cold coffee are also gaining popularity in India. Nimbupani is also very popular and can be served sweet or salted and at times water is replaced with carbonated water (fresh lime soda- sweet or salted). Jeerapani or jaljeera is another favourite among the Indians which is a remarkable digestive.
•    Juices- Juices are the liquid extract of fruits and vegetables, served either fresh or canned.
Juices are served with ice or without ice in a paris goblet/highball/tomcollins. The prepoured glass is brought from the dispense bar/still room to the table and placed on a coaster from the right-hand side of the guest. Straw holder may be placed on the table.
•    Soft drinks- This includes the vast no. of carbonated drinks or aerated drinks available in the market. Example being colas, lemonades, orangeales etc. Hotel bars are also stacked with squashes (sweetened or unsweetened fruit base concentrate) of different flavours which also fall under this category.


•    Stimulating drink/beverage- these are consumed to stimulate our mental and physical activities. Ex. Tea and coffee
•    Refreshing drink/beverage- These are drinks which are taken to make up for the fluid loss (due to perspiration) of our body. Ex. Nimbupani, water, syrups, soft drinks, tonic water, aerated drinks, squashes, etc.
Aerated drinks- these are beverages that are infused with carbonic gases making the drink fizzy when opened. These beverages are available in different flavours such as lemon, orange, cola, etc. and are available in bottles and cans. Some examples for this category are-soda, pepsi, cocacola.
Squashes- squashes are concentrated pulp of fruits and are available in bottles. Orange squash, pineapple squash, lemon squash, and mango squash are some examples. These are diluted with the addition of chilled water, mineral water. They are used extensively in making cocktails and mocktails.
Service of squashes
While taking order of squash, guest’s preference of mix should be noted. For example, a guest may prefer orange squash with soda.
Items to be carried to the table on a salver lined with tray cloth are-
Measured quantity of required squash in 12 oz beer goblet/highball/tomcollins
Ice buckets with tongs
Jug of chilled water/soda siphon/chilled mineral water according to guest’s preference
Drinking straw
Place straw holder on the table and coaster on centre of cover or on the right hand side of the guest.
Place glass with squash on the coaster.
Ask guest if he/she wishes to have ice. If yes, place ice bucket next to the glass and add ice.
Top it with soda/chilled water/ mineral water according to his order.
Take away the ice bucket.
(If squash is preferred with soda or mineral water, soda siphon and mineral water bottle should be left on the table. Water jug may be taken back to the sideboard.)
Syrups-syrups are fruit flavoured concentrated sweet liquid. They are used in the preparation of cocktails, milk shakes, and long drinks. They can be mixed with soda water and served.
Service- prepared drinks are served in highball/tom Collins. Straw holder is placed on the table

•    Nourishing drink/ beverage- Beverage consumed to provide nutrients to the body. Ex. Milk based products like milk shake, chocolate drinks, juices etc.


1) Aerated water
These beverages are aerated with carbon dioxide, hence the fizzy or bubbly nature of these drinks. Mostly these waters are flavored with artificial / natural ingredients and essences.
Some examples:
Soda water - colorless & tasteless. Example- Schweppes, Lehar everness
Tonic water- colorless & flavored with quinine. Eg- Schweppes, rose & thistle
Dry ginger- golden straw colored with a ginger flavor
Bitter lemon- pale cloudy with sharp lemon flavor
Orangeades- orange colored with orange flavor, eg mirinda, fanta
Lemonades- 2 varieties- clear n whitish opaque, eg limca, 7 up
Colas- dark, rich, garnet red colored when held up to the light. Flavored with the essence or extract of cola nuts.
2)    Natural spring water or mineral waters-
These waters are broadly classified as bottle drinking waters. However these are not to be confused with packaged drinking water, which is essentially hygienically filtered and purified water packaged in disposable bottles/ packs/ pouches.
Mineral waters have a strictly controlled mineral content while spring waters have lesser regulations except those concerning hygiene and purification. Both minerals as well as spring waters can be still, naturally Natural spring waters are obtained from natural springs in the ground, the water itself being impregnated with the natural minerals found in the soil and sometimes naturally charged with an aerating gas.
Diff mineral waters

Minerals water can be classified as follows:
Alkaline waters- These are the most numerous of all mineral waters. They are considered to be useful for treatments against rheumatism. Some eg are Evian, Perrier, Vichy, and Malvern
Aperient waters- These have saline constituents, mainly sulphates of magnesium and sodium. Eg Cheltenham, Montmirail, Leamington spa
Chalybeate waters- These waters act as stimulants and are either carbonated or sulphated. Eg, Vittel, Passy
Lithiated waters- these are rich in Lithia salts. Eg, Baden Baden, Carlsbad
Sulphurous waters- Water impregnated with hydrogen. Eg challes, Harrogate


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