service sequence in bar

1. Guests arrive at the bar entrance.      
2. Server approaches, welcomes and greets the guests.
3. Server helps them to seat.
4. Server confirms if they are comfortable with allocation of the table.
5. Server approaches the table, introduces himself.
6.Server fetches the beverage list and presents it to the guests.
7. Server places the complimentary bargratis on the table.
8. Server gives the guest sufficient time to read the beverage list.
9. Server suggests the popular cocktails and the bartender special of the day.
10. Server takes the order of the drinks and suggests the snacks.
11. Server notes down the order on the pad, with proper cover numbers, table number, number of guests and time.
12. Server repeats the order to the guests and removes the beverage list.
13. Server feeds the order in the micros.
14. Bartender prepares the drinks according to the order.
15. Server picks up the drinks from the bar counter.
16. Server announces the drinks and serves to the guests.
17. Server confirms the guest satisfaction.
18. Server replenishes the bar gratis as and when required.
19. Server regularly pours the beer / wine.
20. Server picks up some conversation with the guests, especially when alone.
21.Server places the appropriate cutlery, crockery and the napkin for the snacks.
22. Runner picks up the snacks from kitchen.
23. Server serves the snacks accordingly.
24. Server inquires for repeat order and serve the same quickly.
25. Server changes the ashtrays as and when required.
26. Server confirms the guest satisfaction.
27. Server clears the soiled plates as soon as the guests have finished the snacks.
28. Server inquires about repeat of snacks and drinks.
29. Server checks the bill and keeps it ready at the side station.
30. Server presents the bill to the guest only on request.
31. Server collects the bill and settles it as per procedure.
32. Server helps the guest to move out of the table by pulling the chair or by moving the table.
33. Server thanks the guest and bids farewell.
34. Server clears the table and resets it for the next guest.


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