staff calculation and banquet formats

Calculating The Requirement Of Tables For Setting Up The Buffet

Green Salad, Russian Salad
Cream of Tomato
Roti and Naan
Vegetable cutlets
mutton Vindaloo                                Paneer Do Pyaza
chicken Kohinoor                                 Bhindi Fry
Peas Pulao
Steamed Rice
Dal Makhani
Papad, Pickle

Fruit Salad
Ice Cream
One of the important points to be noted during the outer door catering is to carry the items that are required and at the same time not to carry more than required. If carried more, it may lead to breakages, loss, and above all increased transportation cost. If the number of tables required for counter set-up is 7, take just 7, if you take 11, it is going to occupy more space of the vehicle and increased labour on loading and unloading. Therefore, it is necessary to visualize the various counters from the customer position and identify the items required.
The area allowance for a dish on the buffet counter is 1 1/2’. As per the menu, the non-vegetarian counter has 9 items and multiplying 9 x 1 ½’, one gets 13 ½’ and the vegetarian counter has the same number of dishes resulting in the same area requirement on the table. The head of the buffet table should have plates and napkins.
Papad, pickle, curds, salads will be kept in the centre of both the counters so that the guests can help themselves,
These can be neatly arranged on a half round table
For water station, we need two round tables
For soup station, one buffet table
For sweet station, one buffet table
For clearance, one buffet table
Plastic bins lined with disposable bag for dirties and disposables 4 no.
Size of a buffet table is 8' x 2 1/2'
Number of buffet tables required:
Soup's section                                     1
Vegetarian counter                              2
Non-vegetarian counter                      2
Sweet counter                                     2
Clearance                                            1
Total buffet table                                7nos
Number of round tables required (3’ dia)
Water station                                       2
Round table                                         2
Half round table                                  1
The function also needs chairs especially for old people to sit and eat. Plastic or garden chairs may be taken which are light and convenient to carry. The number of chairs to be taken may be equal to approximately 50 % of the expected covers. However, if it is formal dining, all the covers should be provided with the chairs.
Canopies: All the buffet counters should have canopies.

banquet booking diary

banquet captains report

banquet follow up chart

banquet plan 1

banquet plan 2

Staff Calculations

Number of staff required depends on the number of buffet stations to be manned, number of dishes to be served, and for other activities, such as replenishing and clearance
Service supervisor Total staff required
Soup station                            2
Vegetarian counter                  2
Non-vegetarian counter          2
Replenishing                           2
Water                                      1
Clearance                                2
Sweet                                      one member from the replenishing and one member from the soup counter will do the service in the beginning. After sometime when almost 3/4th of the guests finish their food, the soup counter will be closed and joins the sweet service. Ice cream will be served by the representative from the supplier.
Service supervisor                   1
Total staff required                 12
The staff requirement is often fulfilled by the local agents.
The climate, the unpredictable element, may pose the problem during the outdoor function and the caterer should be able to manage any such situations.
The caterer must analyse the menu in detail and survey the function venue to organize the function to the satisfaction of the guests. If any of the items is forgotten, the caterer has to do the function without it which may result in guest dissatisfaction.


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