attributes of a good waiter

Personal hygiene and appearance

1. Good grooming and clean presentation gives the waiter a feeling of well-being and the confidence to do the job efficiently and correctly
2. Pride in one’s appearance is an essential quality of a good waiter. Guests will have the confidence in an establishment if the waiter is well groomed, neat and professional.
3. Hands are particularly important as they are constantly under the eye of the guest. Finger nails should be kept trimmed, well-shaped and very clean. A meal can be spoiled for a guest by a waiter’s dirty nails.
4. Playing with and fingering hair, face & hands should be discouraged at all times in the restaurant
5. Chewing gum is not permitted
6. Jewelry worn by service staffs should be kept to minimum. A watch, one plain ring and small plain earrings are permissible.
7. For young people with skin problems like acne, care should be taken with diet- plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and minimum of sweets, cleanliness is a must.
8. Uniforms should be well tailored and fit properly
9. Waiters should wear conservative comfortable shoes, well-polished and black socks.
10. Waiters’ uniform is often designed according to the décor of the restaurant. Staff should understand that a well pressed, attractive uniform gives confidence not only to the personnel but also to the guests.

Attitude to work

1. A respectful manner towards guests and senior staff members is necessary. A waiter should never be servile, for he should be proud of his skills, particularly if he is a good waiter
2. A waiter is a technical salesman- he must have a complete knowledge of all food and beverage available in the establishment, their correct presentation and service
3. All guests should be treated as V.I.P.s, regardless of whom or what they are and everyone should be given equal respect
4. A waiter’s conduct should be of the highest degree at all the times, but particularly in front of the guest rules and regulations should be followed to the letter.
5. Food service personnel should have pleasant manners, showing courtesy and tact, even temper and good humor when things go wrong
6. The guest is always right- even when he is wrong. Never argue with a guest if the problem cannot be handled satisfactorily call a senior member of the staff with more experience to solve the problem
7. So that the establishment makes the maximum amount of business and profit during the service period, service staff must develop a sense of urgency
8. Honesty is exceptionally important in dealing with both the guest and management. There must be trust and respect between all the three parties which develop a good team spirit and creates an efficient and pleasant atmosphere
9. Assist fellow workers where possible without interfering. Never say to a guest, “Sorry, that’s not my table”. Help where you can, it is everyone’s advantage in the long run.
10. A second or third language is imperative for anyone working in the catering industry- take the trouble to learn language from the sub-continent as well as a foreign a foreign language. It will serve as career booster in the future

Assuming responsibility

1. As one grows in maturity one’s responsibility increases. To be able to assume responsibility is a sign of maturity itself.
2. One has responsibility towards ones employer, the guests and also ones fellow- workers. Furniture and equipments are costly; one has the responsibility to take care of it.
4. Responsibilities grow as ones skill increases.
5. Taking the job seriously, no matter how menial, will be recognized by those in higher authority.


A good waiter should be able to sell anything. He / She should be interactive without being intrusive. Communication skills are of utmost importance. It is very important to be knowledgeable about the product one is selling. It is also important to enjoy the job as only then the waiter can make the guest happy.


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