departmental organisation and staffing

departmental organisation and staffing

food and beverage service department

restaurant hierarchy french

restaurant hierarchy

restaurant hierarchy english


Restaurant Manager

1. He reports to the F&B manager
2. He is in charge of the restaurant and should be well versed in F&B and all licensing laws
3. He is responsible to set up and maintain the standards
4. All the staffs (in the restaurant) reports to him
5. He is the person responsible for staff discipline and decides duty rota
6. He makes the monthly budget and participates in menu planning
7. He maintains guest liaison and handle complaints if any
8. He is responsible for staff hiring, training and appraisal
9. Month end stock taking is supervised by him
    10. All intra and inter departmental communication is through him
    11. He generates the various daily & monthly reports
    12. He is the sanctioning authority for the staffs’ leaves
    13. He is a link between the management and the junior staff

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Assists the restaurant manager and in his absence he takes his (Restaurant manager) place

Senior Captain

1. He relieves the assistant restaurant manager on his day off
2. He reports to the restaurant manager
3. He is responsible for the service aspect of the restaurant
4. He allots the stations to the captains
5. He supervises grooming check and briefing
6. He should be well versed in service technique and liquor laws
7. V.I.P. guests are attended by him
8. He makes the duty roster for the staff and gets its approved by the restaurant manager
9. Helps the manager to generate various reports
10. Taking stock of linen, maintaining linen register and deciding the number of cycles for linen considering the laundry


1. Reports to the senior captain as well as assists him in his job
2. Responsible for and supervises service at a “station”
3. Responsible for taking order from the guests
4. Relieves the senior captain on his day off day
5. Supervises month end stock taking

Senior Steward

1. Well versed in service techniques and supervises mise-en-place
2. Does the service assisted by the juniors
3. Assists the captain in all his work

1. Assists senior steward in service. They basically serve accompaniments

1. Basically learner
2. Does clearance, sometimes allowed to attend service


1. This person is generally a lady who in charge of receiving the guests and taking him or her to the particular table
2. She takes the table booking and on receiving the guest takes the guest to the particular table
3. She gets the comment register/ card filled up by the guest and takes the general feedback from the guest
4. She should be pleasant in her behavior
5. She updates the booking diary and passes all the relevant information to the restaurant brigade & restaurant manager
6. She should be tactful enough to handle situations of complains from the guest
7. In case of a VIP guests she is the one to present the check to the guests
8. She assists the restaurant manager in doing the sales call for the restaurant
9. She should be well versed with the current affairs and the state laws pertaining to restaurant such as dry days etc.


1. The hotel, as an establishment is a single unit and all departments are equally important and necessary for the successful operation of the venture
2. Without the full range of supporting activities from each separate department the hotel cannot function correctly and efficiently
3. All departments are interlinked in one way or another. Kitchen and restaurant have obvious close ties; housekeeping and restaurant also work closely together and off course, front office and housekeeping must have a good liaison
4. Whether dealing directly with the guest or working behind the scenes- all staffs are aiming towards the same goal- keeping the guest happy.
The three important things necessary for a balance between all the departments in a hotel and its smooth running are:
1. Co-operation
2. Co-ordination
3. Communication

Inter relationship with Food Production

1. Proper order of food through KOT, which should be neat and legible
2. Food pick up from the kitchen at right time and at right temperature
3. Planning of menu card
4. Information of availability of dishes. Information to kitchen about the expectation of guest
5. Right depiction and information to kitchen about guests’ specific need
6. Guest feedback from different outlets to be communicated to the kitchen staff

Inter relationship with Front Office
1. Front office has to be informed about the timings of the restaurant, any festivals and bookings
2. All the bills of the resident guests are forwarded to the Front Office for the final settlement
3. Check ins & check outs are intimated to F&B service by Front Office
4. Occupancy forecast is given to given to F&B Service by Front Office
5. Daily information regarding the various banquet functions should be passed down to Front Office

Inter relationship with Housekeeping
1. F&B Service linen is designed and bought by Housekeeping in consultation with the F&B manager
2. F&B Service uniform is designed and tailored by Housekeeping in consultation with the F&B manager
3. F&B outlets are planned and decorated by Housekeeping
4. Flower arrangements for the restaurant & banquets are done by housekeeping
5. Cleanliness & hygiene of F&B service areas are done by the Housekeeping Department

Inter relationship with Accounts
1. Auditing & billing is taken care by the accounts department
2. They play a major role in menu planning by evaluating costs and sales mix
3. They are responsible for controlling costs
4. They make the monthly & yearly reports which help in evaluating and future planning

Inter relationship with Purchase & Stores
1. All the items and equipments are purchased by the purchase department and issued by stores
2. All high turnover items are kept on the stores and a par stock is maintained
3. Store is given the Material Vouchers for the procurement of items
4. For the purchase of any item along with the quantity required the Specifications (SPS) are given to the stores which in turn is forwarded to the Purchase Department


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