food and beverage service areas

food and beverage service areas


It is the first F&B outlet. Service of food and beverage to the resident guests at his room is known as room service


A restaurant implies service at the table. It may be platter to plate or pre plated. Restaurants are again sub divided into various types:
Speciality Restaurant-Concentrates on one special cuisine i.e. one particular type of food. Ex- Sea food restaurant.
Theme Restaurant- where the décor of the restaurant is based on a particular theme.Ex-Theatre restaurant.
Ethnic Restaurant- Refers to a perticuler race of people.Ex-Chinese restaurant.
1. Open only for lunch and dinner- lunch is from 12pm to 3.30 pm and dinner is from 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm.
2. Special exotic dishes are served
3. Highly Priced Menu-
-- High Investment
-- Business hour is less
-- Platter to plate service
4. Low turnover for covers
5. High average check (A.P.C.) - Highly priced menu and less number of guests so the average check OR the Average Per Cover is high
A.S.P. – Average Spending Power
6. Cover Charge- It is the charge put on a guest for being at the cover or using the cover.
Cover – the optimum space required by a person to dine. The cover on the table is 15”- 17” in depth and 24”-27” in width.  Depending on the hotel’s policy there may or may not be cover charge. The charge may be hourly basis or per table or for few days (festive days)
7. Dispense Bar
Gangway – The space required by the waiter or service personnel around the chair to serve or attend guests at the table.

1. 24hrs in operation- ideally it is open for 24hrs but at times it may not be depending on the hotel policy. May be closed for cleaning
2. Multi cuisine- serves more than one cuisine
3. All meals- From morning tea to dinner and even late night service. There are two sets of menu card in a coffee shop- Breakfast menu card and the main menu card with timings (the meals are time specific).
4. Economically priced- The food served in coffee shop is not cheap but compared to other F&B outlets it is economically priced
5. Pre plated service-
6. High turnover-
7. Dispense Bar- family restaurant

A coffee shop generally has 3 shifts for normally 9 hours

Note-Restaurants generally have guest bookings whereas Coffee shops generally do not have guest bookings.


1. Sells alcoholic beverages, also non- alcoholic beverages and snacks
2. Entry restricted area- On the basis of age and time.
3. Rules vary from state to state
4. Timings is from 11am to 11pm. The last order time is 15mins before closing time. With extended hour service drinks can be served till 2a.m. Liquor are not sold on dry days, ex 15th august, 26th January
5. Bar are of 2 types-
ON SHOP- liquor are purchased and consumed on the same premise. Sold as per glass, pegs or bottles
OFF SHOP- Liquor are purchased and then taken out of the premise and consumed elsewhere. Sold as per bottle
6. Cozy comfortable environment with soothing music and dim lighting. The tables in the bar are round with no edges
7. Service at the table and even at the bar counter
8. Bartender/ Barman- Can be of prime attraction for going in a Bar. He should be skilled and must possess good communication skill.
It is a place to dine with beer. It is an english concept where beer along with authentic english foods are served like steak, shepherd’s pie etc. early days there would be symbols like Bear head or Lion head on top of the entrance gate so that on seeing that people would recognize that that was a PUB.


The origin of the word banquet both is either from the Italian word “Banchetto” or French word “Banquette” and in both the cases it means benches. The concept is to do anything together. Banquet can be termed as a functional catering where we celebrate any occasion together, cater to a large number of people within a specific time.
Largest Banquet: Hosted by Emile Loubet the famous mayor’s banquet. , 25th September 1900. 22,295 mayors attended the function, entertained at Tuileres garden in Paris waiters covered a distance of 7 km on bicycle.
1. Highest revenue earning in Food & Beverage
2. Caters to a large number of people at a time – if possible under the same roof
3. Types of Function-
FORMAL GATHERINGS- are among people for some official purpose or any other serious purpose where the guests have to follow many protocols. For example State banquet (when the head of the state calls for any meeting). In such parties there is a head table arranged with odd numbers of chairs so that the chief guest can sit in the middle. Seating arrangements are made according to respective names of the guests and they are escorted to their seats. The food is served at the table.
INFORMAL GATHERINGS- are among friends and relatives where everyone knows each other. The food is served mainly in buffet system.
4. Customized menu and facilities- The food served is multi cuisine. Facilities like microphone needed or hall decoration etc.

Basis of charging
Room/Hall Charge- A
Food Charges- B+ taxes per head or pax
Facilities- C
(If the guests buy the liquor and have it inside the banquet hall they have to pay certain amount as service charge that is known as corkage)
Total the guest has to pay= A+ B×tax+ C
Suppose the expected number of guest is X, then the guaranteed number of guest will be 10% less of X
If less amount of guests turn up then food charges will be charged on the guaranteed number of guests otherwise the food charges will be charged on the basis of expected number of guests.
5. Outdoor Catering Service


1. GRILL ROOM: Basically grilled food items and dishes are served. Generally grilled over fire. People may get the view of food being fired.

2. BARBEQUE: food cooked generally meat items over open charcoal fire. Barbeque is served in open places:-

3. CAKE SHOP: If a hotel has a bakery outlet, they can sell their products from these stalls.

4. VENDING MACHINE: Automatic dispensing machines- aerated beverage, coffee, tea etc. installed in cafeteria, airlines, railways etc.

5. SNACKS BAR: Areas where snacks are served at counter service

6. KIOSK: Stalls opened for specific items like chocolates, soft drinks, books, flowers etc., generally at kerbside, shopping mall, railways, airways etc. A kiosk has three open sides and one closed side.

7. Discotheque: is an entertainment venue or club with recorded music played by Disc jockeys through a PA system, rather than an on-stage band serving alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverage along with light food items.

8. BYO (buy your own) Restaurant: BYO Restaurant are restaurants and bistros which do not have a liquor license.

9. Destination Restaurants: A destination restaurant is one that has a strong enough appeal to draw customers from beyond its community. Example: Michelin Guide 3-star restaurant in Europe, which according to the restaurant guides is "worthy of a journey”.

10. Delicatessens Restaurant: Restaurants offering foods intended for immediate consumption. The main product line is normally luncheon meats and cheeses. They may offer sandwiches, soups, and salads as well. Most foods are precooked prior to delivery. Preparation of food products is generally simple and only involves one or two steps.

11. Permit Room
They are generally found in restaurants and in hotels existing in the dry states like Gujarat. In a restaurant there is a specific area where one can serve alcoholic beverages. The restaurant cannot pour alcoholic beverages an area outside this.
Same set of rules and regulations are applicable to the permit room as applicable to the bar. Prior license have to be secured from the appropriate authority before starting a permit room.

12. Home delivery/ take away 
This has been a recent trend over the past few years. As the name suggests, these outlets deal with delivery of food till your doorstep. These are stand-alone restaurants (kitchen only) that emphasize only on quick preparation of food & its delivery. There is no seating arrangement available here. The staff may contain chefs, order taker, cashier and delivery boys. The order taker takes orders over the phone or of walk in guest, notifies the kitchen and hands over the food packets to guest or delivery boys. He also might take the cashiering responsibilities at the counter, which might be overlooked by the manger. Normally such outlets do not charge for home delivery. Food is provided in plastic containers, aluminum foils, plastic bags etc. These outlets must not be confused with restaurants, which provides services of home delivery.

13. coffee bars- these are basically outlets which serve single beverage, the service can be formal or informal depending on the outlet. small titbits of food items can be serviced. Generally magazines or newspapers are provided to engage the guests.

14. chai bars- these are same as coffee bars serving single beverage.

15. drive inns- these outlets can be a part of food joint, hotel or restaurant which have a open counter, where travelers who are passing by the outlet can get their food packed

16. Quick service restaurant (QSR)
these are same as other restaurants but the service is fast, teh quality of food and the service quality are maintained at par. the service may be informal and the food can be served through counters.
the dishes which can be cooked quickly are generally included,

17. bistro- these outlets are very old. originally started in persia.
basically these are small restaurant serving economically priced dishes.
bistros generally have home cooked dishes cooked in robust earthy dishes and the preparations are slow.
these have been developed from the basement kitchens where tenant used to lodge and have food.
menu is very simple, small and prepared in quantity.

18. Brasserie- these are french origin. meaning a restaurant with a relaxed, upscale setting which serves single dishes and other meals.
a brasserie can have professonal service, printed menus and traditional white linen.
these are open all days of week.

19. drive through- these food outlets provedes facility of purchasing without leaving their vehicle.the concept started in USA.
orders are placed through microphone and picked up through window, the cars are generally lined one after another and as the order is ready at window they passes by.
the orders are generally brought by server  called carhop.
these out lets have signs which shows customers how to move and where to park there vehicle.
drive through


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