organization of engineering department

Organizing people in maintenance department charts, job descriptions, and daily, weekly, monthly, and annual schedules. The organizational structure might be considered for the maintenance department on the basis of size and complexity of the building. The number of rooms, meeting space, grounds, age of building, available talent pool, plant size, swimming pools and peripheral equipment.

The class of hotel also influences the calibre of maintenance. When all the operating equipment, systems, building surfaces are taken into consideration it is determined by following manufacturer’s recommendations and current best methods, that in the areas of preventive maintenance and frequencies of maintenance required, the formulae is 3.1 full time engineering staff equivalents per 100 rooms.
That mean a hotel of 500 rooms would have 15.5 full time engineers to properly maintain a hotel building in a state of good repair.
Organisation Structure of Maintenance Department for a 1500 rooms Hotel.
organization structure of 1500 room hotel

Duties and Responsibilities of the Chief Engineer of a Hotel

1) The chief engineer is responsible for purchase of all machines and equipment, paints, oils, lubricants, grease, other raw materials and tools and instruments.
2) The chief engineer invites tenders and quotations, negotiates, finalizes, and awards the contract for maintenance and other works.
3) Budget: Estimated expenditure on staff salaries and allowances, maintenance contracts, training, purchase of equipment, materials, tools, instruments and furniture.
4) Manpower Planning: Estimating required technical man powers, coordinating with personnel department to recruit additional man power required.
5) Training and skill development of the staff and employees under him.
6) Drafting, finalizing and implementing maintenance schedules through systems of complaint registers and work orders.
7) Processing of bills including bills for water, electricity, fuels, etc.
8) Coordinating, supervision and inspecting through scheduled inspections and surprise inspections.


The best way of communicating maintenance requests has always been to fill out the appropriate maintenance request form and submit for action.
Complaint Registers
complaint register


A work order reports that something is wrong and has to be corrected. It is used as a request for work to be done, usually maintenance or repair. The form indicates what is wrong, where the problem exists within the building, the unit of equipment that is not working, the date and time when the request is made, and who is making the request.

maintenance order form

Work Priority
There are usually three work priority levels. It is extremely important that these work priorities be accepted and approved by management. The approval of a priority system by the general manager can resolve many potential conflicts between the chief engineer and other department heads.
Emergency Work Orders:
These work requests must be handled immediately and, if necessary, by all available staff, including the chief engineer. Human safety or the prevention of a major maintenance expense indicates the need for emergency work.
Routine Work Order:
Most work done by the maintenance and engineering department falls into this category, and there may even be sub-priorities developed for routine work orders. A routine work order is handled as quickly and efficiently as is feasible.
Backlogging Work:
In some cases, requested work cannot be completed because replacement items have not yet been received. Hence, the work request is backlogged, to be completed when replacement parts are received. The work request can then be completed as regular building maintenance.

Dispatching Maintenance Workers
After the work priority is established, a dispatcher or supervisor must send a worker to do the job. In some cases the decision is automatic and the workers are sent according to the nature of complaint.
In some cases, a maintenance supervisor is sent to inspect what is wrong. Requiring that a supervisor decide what is wrong and what is wrong and what personnel are necessary to repair the system can be slow and cumbersome procedure, but it is often required to minimize labour costs.

Analyzing Work Orders
Work order forms are tabulated and analyzed. The analysis can provide data that can be used for projections of future labour and material.


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