The other names used for a sideboard are  work station or service console or service station or dummy waiter

 The style and design of  a sideboard varies from establishment to establishment and is dependent upon:
  • the style of service and the food and beverage on offer
  • the number of service staff working from on sideboard
  • the number of tables to be served from on sideboard
  • the amount of equipment it is expected to hold.
It is essential that the sideboard is of minimum size and portable so that it may be esasily moved if necessary.

If the sideboard is too large for its purpose it is then taking up spacee which could be used to seat more customers.

The top should be of a heat resistant material which can be easily washed down.

If a hotplate is to be used then it should be inserted in the top so it is level with the working top.

After service the sideboard is either completely emptied out or restocked for the next service.

The material used in the makeup of the sideboard should blend with the rest of the decor and theme.

The actual lay up of sideboard depends firstly on its construction
-the number of shelves and drawers for tableware, etc
-and, on the type of menu and service offered.
therefore the lay-up in every establishment could vary slightly, each being suited to its own needs and style of service and presentation.

It is suggested, however, that in each particular establishment the sideboard be laid up in the same fashion.
if this is done the staff get used looking for a certain item in a certain place and this facilitates speedy service which is essential.

dummy waiter

1) service spoon and forks
2) sweet spoons and forks
3) soup spoons, tea spoons, coffee spoons
4) fish knives and forks
5) joint knives
6) side knives
7) fish plates
8) side plates
9) half plates
10) coffee saucers
11) full plates
12) salvers
13) dirty linen
14) check pads
15) assorted condiments
16) ashtrays
17) water jugs
18) bread basket and butter
19) hotplate
20) trays


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