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how embarrassing! whoops

Whoops! How embarrassing. Now, everyone is going to remember him ONLY as the President who unknowingly insulted the Queen. Yep, that'll be his legacy. Nothing else…
Last night, Barack Obama was the Queen's specially invited guest at a banquet at Buckingham Palace. Honored by the invitation, President Obama attempted to give a speech thanking her Majesty for her friendship and grace. He asked the congregation to stand as he proposed a toast. And then he said, “To Her Majesty the Queen.”
Thinking that was their cue, the orchestra of the Scots Guard mistakenly started to play God Save The Queen. Everyone fell silent, as is tradition,…except President Obama. Apparently, he was unaware that it is against protocol to talk over the national anthem, especially when you are in front of the Queen.
But he forged on with his speech anyway, unaware of the stares he was getting from across the room and the tiniest, but the most uncomfortable smile coming across her Majesty'…

coffee variations and laced coffee

Espresso has no milk, just pure coffee. Most traditional coffee recipes revolve around a single or double espresso shots. If you are a coffee connoisseur then you should try and learn how to make one.  It is generally made from a single 1 oz shot of coffee made with 7 Gms of finely ground coffee extracted at between 18 and 25 seconds. There are many recopies and this is small selection to choose from –
Americano (American) – This is espresso shot that is diluted to taste with hot water. The name was given to insult Americans who the Europeans believed were not up to drinking full espressos.
Black coffee: Coffee served with no milk.

Cappuccino usually consists of equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk. All this makes the coffee taste more diluted and weaker. Some coffee shops will sprinkle cinnamon or flaked chocolate on top and other will add more milk than others. All shops make some variance to suit the taste of regular customers.

Dry Cappuccino
This i…

french for restaurant

Sommelier- wine waiter

Artichaut- artichoke

Assiette- plate

Assiette a potage- soup plate

Aubergine- eggplant

Abats- organs like kidney, heart

Aboyer- the person who announces kitchen order

Aliment- food

Anchois- anchovy

Bain marie- hot water well or bath for keeping food at constant temperature.

Beurre- butter

Blancher- to blanch

Ble- wheat

Bouillon- stock

Bouteille- bottle

Carte des vins- wine list

Caviar- roe (egg) of sturgeon fish

Cendrier- ashtray

Champignon- mushroom

Citron- lemon

Corbeille a pain- bread basket

Couteau- knife

Courvert- a cover

Crabe- a shell fish ‘Crab’

Crème- cream

Cuillere- spoon

Croutons- cubes of fried bread

Cuisine- kitchen

Dejeuner- lunch

Diner- dinner

Eau- water

Echalote- shallots

Entrecote- sirloin (beef)

Escargot- snails

Farine- flour

Foie- liver

Fourchette- fork

Fromage- cheese

Hier- yesterday

Huitre- oyster

Jour- day

Jus- juice

Lait- milk

Legumes- vegetables

Louche- ladle

Maitre d hotel- head waiter

Mouton- mutton

Nappe- table cloth

Nom- name

Oeuf- e…