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pineapple au rhum

• 50gm Butter
• 50gm caster sugar or two sugar cubes
• 1 measure rum PROCEDURE • Melt butter and add caster sugar , let it caramelize to form a sauce.Add pineapple juice. Cook till it gets sauce consistency. Put the Pineapple slice in the pan sprinkle caster sugar on it.
• Add the rum and flame it by tilting the pan.
• Serve with the flame.

Food and beverage service practicals


Sales control system

Methods of order taking: essentially there are four methods of taking food and beverage orders from customers.

All order taking methods are based upon these four concepts. Even the most sophisticated electronic system is based upon either the duplicate or triplicate methods even though the actual checks may not be written but communicated electronic to VDUs or print out machines.

TRIPLICATE CHECKING SYSTEM This is a control system used in the majority of medium and large first-class establishments. As the name implies the food check consists of three copies.
To ensure efficient control the waiter or waitress must fill in the information required in the four corners of the check, this being:
•Table number
•Number of covers
•Signature of waiter/waitress taking the order

The first kitchen order ticket goes to kitchen and is received by aboyer who shouts the order to various sections for preparation of items and puts up spike in chronological order of table numbers. After the picku…

Types of services

SILVER SERVICE OR PLATTER TO PLATE SERVICE This type of service is most elegant, time tested, although lately not so popular. However, this is going to be the queen of all services.
In this, the highest skill of a waiter is demonstrated; not-withstanding the best skill of the chef is also on display over the platter. This combined effort brings charm and grace to the ambience of the restaurant. Here the food is decorated by the chef in the best possible art formation on a glittering silver plated dish of different shapes and sizes. Care is taken that the embossed part and the logo still remain visible. The silver dish is basically placed on a neatly folded waiter's cloth which should be spotlessly wiped before it is placed on the palm. Mostly a glittering pair of service spoons and service fork, is kept neatly on the side of the silver dish or carried in the right hand, left hand being used for bringing the silver dish. A cold or warm plate is already placed on the cover of the g…