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Increasing servers' Tips: What managers can do and why they should do it

A study published on cornell website it might be useful for hoteliers
Inform Servers About the Actions The best thing executives and managers can do to improve their servers’ tips is
to inform the servers about the actions that have been shown to increase tips.
This information is likely to be taken more seriously if:
(1) servers are also told about the evidence that demonstrates that
these actions actually work and
(2) the information comes from a credible third party. I have developed a booklet, titled Mega Tips, that is designed to meet those two criteria (see page 15). The booklet describes in more detail the techniques described above, along with the theorybased explanations for their effectiveness and the evidence supporting that effectiveness.
Given the work that I have done on tipping, I believe that servers should perceive my recommendations as credible.
Even if some servers remain unpersuaded and resist trying the advocated behavior, they will eventually be won over onc…