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How to lay table cloth

1) The table on which a tablecloth is to be spread, should be first covered with a baize base cloth, for the following reasons a. To protect the diner's wrists and elbows from the table’s sharp edges. b. To keep the tablecloth firmly in place. c. To protect the surface of the table and prevent the rattling of crockery and cutlery. d. To absorb moisture in case liquid spills on the table. 2) Based on the size of the table, appropriate linen should be used. The central fold of the tablecloth should be in the middle of the table and all the four edges should just brush the seats of the chairs. Soiled or torn linen should not be used. Three types of tablecloths namely cotton, linen and damask are used. Of these, damask is the best. 3) If a bud vase is used as a central decorative piece, it should not be very large or tall as that obstructs the view of guests sitting opposite each other. Heavily scented flowers should be avoided, as they affect the flavour of the food. 4) Each cover should be…