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Module 3 VI semester

A. Definition and History
B. Classification
C. Recipe, Preparation and Service of Popular Cocktails
•    Martini – Dry & Sweet
•    Manhattan – Dry & Sweet
•    Dubonnet
•    Roy-Roy
•    Bronx
•    White Lady
•    Pink Lady
•    Side Car
•    Bacardi
•    Alexandra
•    John Collins
•    Tom Collins
•    Gin FIZZ
•    Pimm’s Cup – no. 1,2,3,4,5
•    Flips
•    Noggs
•    Champagne Cocktail
•    Between the Sheets
•    Daiquiri
•    Bloody Mary
•    Screw Driver
•    Tequilla Sunrise
•    Gin-Sling
•    Planters Punch
•    Singapore Sling
•    Pinacolada
•    Rusty Nail
•    B&B
•    Black Russian
•    Margarita
•    Gimlet – Dry & Sweet
•    Cuba Libre
•    Whisky Sour
•    Blue Lagoon
•    Harvey Wall Banger
•    Bombay cocktail

Questions to module 3 Q.1 With the flowing ingredients, prepare a list of 10 cocktails but not more than three cocktails from each base provided indication the preparations
Vodka    Blue curacao, orange juice, tomato juice, egg, cream, coconut

Module 2 VI semester

Syllabus: Bar operations
A.    Types of Bar
B.    Area of Bar
C.    Front bar
D.    Back bar
E.    Under bar (speed rail, garnish container, Ice well etc.)
F.    Bar stock
G.    Bar control
H.    Bar staffing
I.    Opening and closing duties
Questions to module 2 Q.1 Sketch and label the parts of bar. Mention five equipment each used in the various parts of bar.
Q.2 List the points to be consider while setting up the bar.
Q.3 Explain the following terms
•    Bar die
•    POS
•    Wine bar
•    Speed rail
•    Corkage
•    Frappe
•    Optic dispenser
•    Rimmer
•    Bar licences
•    Jigger
•    Neat
•    Slit
•    Hawthrone strainer
•    Garnish
•    Mocktails
•    SPS for beverage purchasing
•    Bar flair
•    Stirrer stick
•    Swizzle stick
Q.4 List the types of bar generally found in five star hotels.
Q.5 Explain the various parts of the bar with the help of a neat diagram.
Q.6 What are the various malpractices which can happen in a Bar? As a Bar manager how will you control them.
Q.7 Define Ba…

Module 1 VI semester

Syllabus for first module FOOD & BEVERAGE STAFF ORGANISATION
A. Categories of staff
B. Hierarchy
C. Job description and specification
D. Duty roaster
A. Supervisory skills
B. Developing efficiency
C. Standard Operating Procedure
Questions to module 1 Q.1 Explain these terms
•    Standard operating procedure
•    Duty roster
•    Job description
•    Greeting guest with smile
•    Developing efficiency
Q.2 Draw an organizational chart of a banquet department of a five star hotel. Enlist the duties and responsibilities of Banquet manager.
Q.3 Prepare a duty roster of a banquet department of a five star hotel for the month of December. Indicate assumptions regarding the number, areas, halls etc available to the department.
Q.4 Draw the organizational chart of a 50 seater Bar. Enlist the responsibilities of the Head barman.
Q.5 As a Restaurant manager, prepare a weekly duty roaster for a 100 pax. Indian speciality restaurant which opens for lunch and dinner?
Q.6 Lis…

Mil mastiyan- theme North west frontier cuisine- followed by Azerbaijan, Kurdish inhabited regions of eastern Turkey and Northern Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other scattered populations in Central Asia.